When most people look to buy sunglasses, they are primarily interested in one of two things: how the sunglasses make them look or how well they block out the sun. These are important factors, but fail to take into account many other issues, such as whether the materials used are safe, how seriously the tinting might impair normal vision, or how well the lenses protect from UV rays.

In order to regulate the industry and provide objective guidelines, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) developed a set of standards to describe various levels of protection. The highest ANSI standard is known at Z87.1+, and to meet it, a pair of sunglasses must meet specific requirements for UV repellence, impact resistance, and eye coverage.

At Gargoyles, the Z87.1+ requirements are only a starting point. Our sunglasses all meet these standards as a minimum, with some even achieving APEL + military specifications for durability and protection..

Quite simply, when you put on a pair of Gargoyles…your eyes are covered.