Gargoyles Tactical+ styles are designed for very high levels of performance and protection. These styles meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1+ specifications, with additional high-velocity impact protection that meets military specification MIL PRF 32432. Ideal for military and law enforcement personnel or for those who seek increased velocity protection.

In the MIL PRF 32432 velocity impact test, a quarter-inch steel projectile is shot at the lenses at 708km/hr. The sunglasses must be able to take this punishment without the lenses cracking, breaking, falling out of the frame, or touching the eye.

Remaining standards met by Gargoyles Tactical+ styles are at the ANSI Z87.1+ level.


Two lasers are aligned to match up to a single point from a 35 foot distance. Sunglasses are then placed in front of the two beams. In order to pass this test, the beams must maintain their original pinpoint trajectory and meet at the same point as before, showing that the glasses do not distort light positively or negatively. While other sunglasses distort the direction of the laser beam, Gargoyles maintains the original pinpoint optics.


A resolution chart is placed at a distance of 20 feet, with lines at both the X and Y axis. When the sunglasses are placed in front of an eyepiece, the viewer must be able to see at least 20 lines of resolution from 20 feet away clearly and distinctly without any blurring or distortion.


All Gargoyles sunglasses feature oleophobic and anti-reflective treatments to repel water, oil, and smudges, and to reduce glare. These treatements work together to facilitate cleaning, increase the lens' resistance to scratching, and improve the overall visual experience.