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Wes Doss

Military & Law Enforcement Instructor

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US Army veteran and retired SWAT officer Wes Doss founded Khyber Interactive Associates LLC (Khyber) in 1992 with the idea of providing the highest level of training and support services to elite law enforcement and military personnel. Today, Khyber is one of the preeminent training and consulting firms in the country with active clients all over the globe. Wes, with the help of a highly dedicated staff, runs Khyber with both his heart and his conscience - striving to provide the best in working hand in hand with personnel in the field. With highly focused intensity, Wes and the staff of Khyber understand the needs and thought processes of the end user, as well as the demands that the real world places on mission conditions. The staff at Khyber understands that standards in equipment and training are there for a reason, often representing the difference between success and failure or life and death. Gargoyles and their superior impact resistance are a significant part of Khyber’s mission to equip modern day warriors with the tools to not just survive, but win in the most arduous conditions.

No matter where Wes or his teammates are, they wear Gargoyles, providing the best in safety and visual acuity under the most demanding conditions. Check out more of what Wes and the staff at Khyber are up to at Khyber Training.

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